Inflatable Arches Custom Made

Finish Like a Champion!

What does your Finish line say about you?

Inflatable Race Arches / Race Gantrys can be used as fantastic Start or Finish Lines, Entrances or just to make your message stand out in a particular location. 

A simple yet striking way to enhance your event


  • Inflatable Arches mark the Start and End of the race, with vibrant colours they are impossible to miss.
  • Channelling runners to the start, 
  • Guiding people in the right direction, 
  • Welcoming visitors to the entrance 
  • Always a great Selfie photo backdrop.

Inflatable Arches always draw a crowd.

 A Sponsors Dream - Increase your Brand Awareness

  • Inflatable Arches are your Sponsors Dream, matching logos, colours schemes, keeping the brand throughout the whole event.
  • With plenty of space for logos which can be changed for different sponsors and different events.
  • What ever your event, A Custom Inflatable arch will always mark the spot!
  • Create the atmosphere and Buzz that money cant buy!
Inflate Your Race in a Fun and Professional Way.

All Arches are made to order, we can custom make any shape or design, if you cant see what you are looking for please get in touch with your ideas.

Arches / Gantrys start from 3m wide up to 12m wide. 

We can create a NO Obligation computerised image with our Complimentary design service to help you decide on your final design before purchase.

Our reputation is second to none,

We always aim high, and we never miss!


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Which Arch material shall I choose?

We use 3 different materials to manufacture our arches - PVC coated Nylon, Polyester and a heavy PVC

Whats the difference?

Our Standard range of Arches are made from PU Coated 300D Polyester, this material is:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact 
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to transport. 

They need constant air to keep the arch inflated, they inflate and deflate in minutes. This material CANNOT be printed directly, all artwork must be either printed and sewn on to the arch or printed and velcroed on.

We also have a Heavy Duty Polyester which has the same properties as above BUT it can be fully printed - so you get the full printed seamless look but in a lightweight fabric.

610 gsm Heavy PVC material is similar to bouncy castles, this material is:

  • a strong heavier material. 
  • Arch can be either constant air or sealed.
  • Can be printed directly for a smooth seamless finish.
  • Easy to wipe clean

If the unit is sealed the arch is inflated using an air pump and once inflated there is no need for electric, the arch then can stay inflated for many days.

 Pvc comes in gloss or matt.



All of our Arches are made from 610gsm PVC, this pvc is used on constant air and sealed inflatable arches and this material comes in a range of standard colours or if you want to pantone match your brand/logo colours or you want to fully digitally print the arch direct this can also be done.

Polyester v's Pvc

small pvc v coated.jpg

On the left shows a 3m arch folded up made from Polyester - small compact and easy to transport.

On the right shows a 3m arch folded up made from 0.6mm Pvc - very bulky & heavy.


Are you holding a night run or MIdnight Walk - NO Problem - you need Our Latest LED Light up Arch. These Inflatable arches are made from PVC coated nylon, (White) is the best option to make the most of the vibrant colour. They make Fantastic Spectacles at Night and are Great for Midnight Walks or Night Runs which are ever becoming more and more popular. These Inflatable Arches are available in sizes from 5m up to 10m.


Square Cube Arch

Dragon Ride.png

Our Latest Addition to Our Inflatable Arches - The Square cube Arch, these arches are made from PVC coated nylon and Polyester to give a fully printed front & back.

They are made to look similar to a metal gantry to keep the square looking shape when inflated.

This is a totally NEW design in UK and currently ONLY 1 is in the UK at present.

These make Fantastic FINISH lines with red carpets running up to them, compared to a metal gantries they will take half the time and half the man power saving race organisers money BUT giving them the professional Finish line they desire.
Each one is custom designed in 1m cube blocks.
These Inflatable Arches are available in sizes from 4m up to 8m.


What people say

  • run-club-650.jpg

    The Fix Events

    I have had my 8m arch for a few years now and im very satisfied with it.
    Its very easy to erect at each event, easy to carry and easy to store.
    It cleans well, and has been well used over the years and is still in good condition.
    I had velcro added on the legs of my arch so I can add sponsors logos if I require and an additional hanging banner under the arch with eyelets.
    I feel it really adds a professional look to our events at The Fix UK and I would recommend Race Arches UK to anybody for customer service and quality products at a good price.
    Ive also just had my second arch delivered from them, so they must be good!
    Comments from David Krangle

  • Star Hil_6026.JPG
    Impressive - Super Service

    Catford Cyclng Club, Kent - Hell of the Ashdown Challenge

    On the Sunday when we inflated the Arch, it looked most impressive and was admired by everyone.
    We are really pleased with it and must thank you very much for implementing the design, arranging manufacture and providing an all round super service.

  • 578352_10151559989561298_606618172_n.jpg
    Superb Quality

    Sebastian's Action Trust

    Our Arch has been used on numerous occasions and provides us with a wonderful advertising tool that we use at many of our fundraising events. The quality is superb and it was great value for money and is a great investment.
    Comments from Hannah Lambert

If you have any questions or can't find what your are looking for, please call 01269 512010 or email


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